Tritech Media the media technology innovator controlled by the Kirsh family, today announced the launch of FetchThem, a world-first lead generation solution, with a bold vision to help clients attract, retain and grow their customer base through its novel sales-prospecting technology and neuro-marketing methodology.

Lead-generation refers to the use of technology to identify consumer or business prospects in any industry that match the client’s ideal customers and then delivers a concise value proposition to that audience which initiates interest in the client’s product or service.

The FetchThem technology delivers superior context by providing sales teams with a relevant talking point or ice-breaker prior to making contact that initiates further conversation and builds rapport. The technology enriches prospecting data and generates a strong degree of insight by simultaneously extracting email and social media account information of the targeted decision makers from over 50 digital networks.

This ability to specifically target the right customers at the right time and in the right environment significantly increases the potential to convert potential customers or businesses and close sales. The technology is suited to both businesses wanting to secure new clients (B2B) and businesses wanting to secure new consumers (B2C).

The FetchThem Enterprise Solution offers a greater degree of engagement where a dedicated team assists in defining the client’s ideal customer profile. This profile is then used to identify other prospective B2B or B2C customers that match the top performing customers to sharply focus the FetchThem client’s sales effort. Then an “Immersion” campaign is executed across multiple social media and digital marketing platforms. This immersion or neuro-marketing campaign creates positive emotional or somatic markers for the FetchThem client in the mind of the prospects which ultimately drive sales conversions to the client through every stage of the buying cycle.

William Kirsh CEO and founder of Tritech Media commented: “As the leading destination in South Africa for precision-based corporate communications, FetchThem aligns very well with us, and underscores the superior technology and marketing skills inherent in Tritech Media. In precision-based communications we are already South Africa’s only turnkey corporate loyalty solutions provider as well as, following our recent acquisition of Ionizr, the leader in real-time precision-based advertising in shopping malls. Like many of our group companies with unique capabilities, FetchThem also has international appeal”.

The digital marketing environment has become the preferred medium to drive organic customer growth and new business acquisition. A Google-sponsored study found that advanced behavioural targeting made possible by immersion or neuro-marketing methodology increased the return on investment by 30 to 50%.

FetchThem was initially developed to cost-effectively improve the sales and conversion ratios at Tritech Media’s The Loyalty Box, which success precipitated the further support of the technology by Tritech Media.

Heyns van Rooyen, Head of Sales at FetchThem said: “Securing sales in the absence of a costly sales force was the major challenge facing The Loyalty Box. After developing a tool that accelerated the Loyalty Box sales activity by 343% within 12 months of implementation, we decided to make the service available to clients of The Loyalty Box and the public at large. We value the interest from Tritech Media as we continue to grow and develop our world-first technology and methodology to very encouraging demand in South Africa and abroad.”

The FetchThem technology is also being successfully implemented across qualifying companies in the Tritech Media group.

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11 May 2016


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