Tritech Media acquires 25% in Proximity I.D 




Tritech Media, the media technology innovator controlled by the Kirsh family, today announced the acquisition of a 25% holding in real-time location-based technology leader ProximityID with an option to increase its holding to 50.1%. 


The remainder of the shares are held by the founders of the business and leading fintech companySynthesis Ventures, a subsidiary of Synthesis Software Technologies, which developed the technology.Real-time location-based marketing in shopping malls and retail tenants is considered the fastest growing sector of the advertising industry, projected to grow from US$4.5billion currently to US$18.0 billion in 2018, affirming the dramatic shift advertisers are making from traditional media to technology-underpinned precision-based communication channels.


Tritech Media recently announced its entry in this attractive sector with the acquisition of 50.1% in Ionizr, the pioneer in real-time proximity advertising technology in SouthAfrica.ProximityID’s vision is to bridge the gap between customer and retailer in a highly precise and innovative way to improve the customer’s shopping experience and provide retailers with the ability to provide unparalleled customer service.


The ProximityID app used by consumers makes it easier for consumers to communicate with retailers by consolidating consumers’ personal details, their loyalty cards, access cards and even parking tickets before instantaneously transmitting the pertinent information to retailers and other partners geospatially, thus enabling retailers to analyse and take action from these data insights – in real-time.ProximityID can accurately determine a consumer’s presence at the point of sale(POS) and transmit the required encrypted credentials thereby enabling a cardless loyalty and rewards system with automatic customer acknowledgement.


The ProximityID app automatically interacts on a consistent basis through low-cost and long-lasting wireless Beacons that have a 70 metre to 2 centimetre radius, thus enabling ProximityID to create highly precise digital real estate. The low-cost of the transmitter Beacons ensures that mass penetration of any location or venue can be achieved, thus ensuring optimal connectivity with the users of the ProximityID app.Specific features of the ProximityID app include:Precision based notifications to consumers: Personalised notifications given at the right time, right place, to the right person, in the right language; Digital marketing campaigns: 


Customising video advertisements from running on a mindless-loop to be specific to the target audience; Real-Time location analytics: Providing real-time whereabouts of customers and employees which in turn acts as a complete time-and-attendance management system; Auto Loyalty Sign-up: Sign-up at the push of a button using existing data to auto-populate a loyalty sign-up form, thereby streamlining the process; Instant Loyalty Identification: A mobile phone system that is beneficial for customers, replacing the need to carry loyalty cards and other forms of identification; and Foot Count: Real time footfall analysis, dwell times and repeat visitor reporting to retail partners, at the click of a button.


William Kirsh CEO and founder of Tritech Media commented: “We are delighted shortly after the Ionizr acquisition, to now further entrench ourselves in this attractive, fast-growing sector of the advertising industry.ProximityID and Ionizr have such a great complementary fit. This acquisition further underscores our leading position as South Africa’s only and leading corporate precision-based communications group. Both Ionizr and ProximityID will also benefit from the geospatial data around shopping malls from our recently-announced acquisition of Geospatial Data Solutions.”


With the combination of ProximityID and Ionizr, Tritech Media is now capable of delivering on every discipline of real-time location-based advertising, a world-first.The difference between Ionizr and ProximityID is in the level of detail delivered to drivecommunications. Ionizr engages with consumers outside a retail precinct through geo-fenced engagement, influences their behaviour and directs them to a specific venue. Once at the venue, in-venue identification allows retailers to detect and engage with consumers on a more personal level. Ionizr engagement technology allows for engagement from 10 kilometres outside the venue down to 10 metres inside the venue.


The ProximityID app and its Beacons then complements the engagement granularity, being able to engage from 70 metres down to a few centimetres, thereby enabling pinpoint-targeted brand messaging.Working together, Ionizr and ProximityID will enable engagement with customers on the way to the shopping centre, in the centre and all the way down to the products on the shelf.Wayne Gluckmann CEO and Co-Founder of ProximityID commented: “We are excited to become part of Tritech Media, the complementary fit with Ionizr is compelling. 


The relationship with Ionizr will speed up our route to market and its scope. We look forward to working together on this unique end-to-end solution, providing retailers and shopping centre owners with a 360-degree view of their customer’s journey and the ability to offer pin-point personalised engagement.”


05 August 2016