Proprietary Technology

Tritech Media owns or licenses world class technologies that create the unique digital interfaces to deliver content that is customised for the end user.

Technology not only creates the rich consumer engagement experience but also enables consumer behaviour to be analysed in more detail. This is particularly relevant in the delivery of customised corporate communications.

Tritech Media’s proprietary technology is mainly cloud based, creating a scalable and exportable business model.


Our Capabilities

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Amazing Vouchers has developed a voucher and coupon membership portal coupled with geo-location technology and a content database that can deliver freebies, vouchers and a host of other value offerings via multiple digital channels, such as smartphones and tablets.

COLONY provides an end-to-end campaign service. When you work with COLONY we tailor a plan of action that is unique to your business. Our portfolio of mix-and-match services allows for creative mechanics to generate results from your digital, mobile and social media marketing investments. Your campaign can be monitored in real-time throughout, can provide quantified results on closure and provide you with a segmented database to use as the starting point for your next campaign. You’ll work directly with an expert committed to putting your brand first. Think of COLONY as an integrated extension to your team, complementing the skill sets you have and stopping the gap of those that you don’t.

Crossgate has exclusive rights to one of the world’s leading loyalty management systems (LMS). OneEmpower, which is an enterprise wide LMS with powerful analytics capabilities, enables large businesses to deliver targeted and motivational marketing messages through the right channel.

Leveraging off the strategic technology and manufacturing relationship with global cards and payment leader ABnote, Crossgate provides secure payment products such as multi-application Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) chip cards for banks. It further extends the offering to contactless payment products and a wide range of mobile payment technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC) and Host Card Emulation (HCE).

Leveraging off third party technology and processing capabilities, Game On! has created a unique technology solution that enables common interest communities to develop their own loyalty programs. This first of its kind approach is being rolled out initially with schools and will be followed by sporting codes and other common interest communities.

Kinektek has developed its own proprietary commerce platform that supports multiple channels, multiple content providers, and multiple banks and payment processors. The platform is able to deliver any virtual product or service to a customer and process and settle the payment leg of the transaction. In addition, it provides for a suite of powerful management, monitoring and reporting tools that are essential for the ongoing efficient operation of such digital channels. Integration and certification of the platform with multiple acquiring banks and hosting in the cloud leverages the technology to make it more easily accessible and deployable globally.

The Loyalty Box, with its main focus on small to medium enterprises (SME’s), has technology that allows retailers and franchisors anywhere in the world to establish their own loyalty programs remotely in under sixty minutes. The Loyalty Box’s technology is integrated into major point of sale systems and eCommerce platforms, but can also be used independently since it is web based. The Loyalty Box has a data and analytics engine, My Insights, which is also proprietary analytics technology that provides SME’s with rich and insightful data about their customers and their business.

COLONYLive is an audience engagement engine allowing audience assisted broadcasting through SMS, e-mail, instant messaging and social media. The platform assists broadcasters to engage with their audience and aggregate user-generated content for news, traffic, competitions, polls, dedications, opinion pieces etc using images, text, video and audio. In addition, COLONYLive actively mines each interaction for demographic, psychographic, sentiment & interest information. Using interactions from multiple sources as well as information garnered from public access databases and social media site, COLONYLive starts building a comprehensive profile of each audience member interacting with your organization. Finally COLONYLive creates personas by grouping users who fit a particular set of predefined profile characteristics into a subsample of the main audience. Through a process called MIMA we then match a persona's user profiles to their online presence allowing for the placement of highly relevant, focused advertising into their everyday online browsing, leading to much higher conversion.

Opengate is primarily a load and activation network for closed and open loop vouchers, facilitating the sale of global and local digital content. Opengate uses proprietary software and integrates into retailer point of sale systems and eCommerce platforms to process prepaid vouchers.

WOW Marketing has various proprietary technology platforms or modules that enable the creation of staff and sales incentive loyalty programs. WOW’s fully customised programs are aimed at changing the behaviours of staff, sales intermediaries or end-customers to improve performance and achieve business goals.

TuYu has developed a mobile rewards platform that delivers rewards directly to a users mobile phone (feature or smartphone). TuYu’s three main technology solutions are: an enterprise channel, an online self service rewards portal and an open API for direct integration.

GameZBoost is a gaming industry innovator focused on providing highly configurable and scalable gaming platforms and solutions, that are both fully responsive and adaptive and accessible from a multitude of devices with the primary focus being on providing clients and partners with the necessary solutions to drive user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

A number of Application Programming Interfaces (API's) are available for clients to integrate the games feeds, based on their specific layouts and content strategies, with further API's available to game studios wishing to unlock revenue streams and further align their products with a global audience.

The online FetchThem tool has technology which enhances the effectiveness of sales team’s current cold outreach by extracting email and social media accounts, providing context through a relevant talking point and delivering a strong degree of insight prior to contacting the prospect. This ability to bypass the gatekeeper, build rapport and connect significantly increases the potential to close a sales lead. FetchThem technology then facilitates and executes a lead generation campaign that immerses prospects in a brand with personalized advertising campaigns prior to a sales team contacting them. The technology links to 1.2 billion individual and company social media profiles globally and into 60 different CRM systems resulting in easy data management

The Ionizr platform seamlessly integrates technology utilized in all consumer touch points to deliver content, insights and increases in consumer conversions. The Ionizr proprietary architecture allows for a single Ionizr Node- which is a unique combination of a traditional Wi-Fi router and beacon technology- to provide differentiated services to multiple tenants concurrently, providing passive tracking of mobile devices and self-calibrating location and proximity detection. The Ionizr software platform links with the Ionizr proprietary architecture and provides the following: Registration via a sign-up form or social media; the delivery of rich, engaging, targeted information services including venue or event information; voucher / coupon delivery to redeem at a venue; analytics powered by predictive modelling via machine learning; mobile engagement without the requirement to install a mobile application or send SMS’s.

GDS utilises propensity modelling which includes algorithms to define target data groups that ensure delivery of the highest quality data which fits the client’s specific requirements and provides the best quality responses to marketing campaigns. 

Building on this foundation of data and information, GDS uses proprietary analytical tools to analyse and interpret data.

The ProximityID platform seamlessly automates individual identification though Beacon technology while providing rich and highly precise data insights to retail partners.

ProximityID combines consumer’s personal details, all of their loyalty cards, access cards and even their parking tickets, consolidating them into the ProximityID App, and instantaneously relaying the necessary information back to retailers and other partners’ geospatially. Utilizing BT4LE technology, ProximityID is moreover able to accurately determine a consumers’ presence at the point of sale and transmit the required encrypted credentials across.

ProximityID’ s proprietary technology will be enhanced by its patent pending offline functionality, which allows ProximityID to provide the same live functionality to retailers , when either they or their users don’t have data or network, allowing ProximityID to enter areas previously unobtainable and have almost no down time.

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Thesl developed its own proprietary procurement system called TenderSystem, which is currently in its 4th generation, and has been refined over the last 14 years. It is developed on a robust integration layer allowing customisation at each client and is currently integrated into a multitude of insurers, payment processors, merchants and couriers to automate the complete end-to-end claims quantification and settlement process. Spend is directed to merchants via filtering technology to an insurer approved network of merchants and service providers. Included is also a full panel management module, comprehensive reporting and analytics, contract management and messaging.

GoMetro has developed a progression of products and tools into a platform of user-oriented technologies that improve transport systems around the world. GoMetro provides a flexible mobility platform that facilitates the three dimensions of transport systems – information, transactions and fulfillment. The technology that underpins this platform includes cloud-based mobility analytics and mapping, demand-side mobile applications mirrored with supply-side applications, and machine learning and predictive analytics.

GoMetro’s proprietary Flexible Mobility Platform simplifies transport operations on public and semi-public transport services within a specific geographic footprint – allowing a specific node like Sandton to have navigation, traffic alerts, train timetables, bus stop location, ride-hailing, ride-sharing and cycling options all in one app – partnering with local businesses to provide relevant and valuable offers to commuters on their way to work or on their way home.

KaChing is a cashless, ticketless, user-friendly parking app which uses license plate recognition to open a boom when a user arrives at a parking lot. Payment is linked to the user's credit card or pre-paid account upon exiting. This unique technology has been patented and a full patent was granted in December 2015. KaChing patented both the system and the method utilized in its operation. Although there are many parking applications across the globe KaChing was one of the first to cater specifically for the pay-on-foot parking sector. KaChing makes parking hassle-free and cost-effective.

SpatialEdge’s proprietary suite of technologies seamlessly integrate business intelligence, location intelligence and big data. These technologies further combine with extensive proprietary location and consumer data to create an integrated decision support solution.

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