Wherever you live, work or play, you get a suite of products, experiences and peace-of-mind benefits that include special offers, freebies, cash value vouchers, discounts, and 2-for-1 deals, all for a small monthly membership fee.Our dynamic products and services come from over 7 000 reputable partners. There’s a choice of 4 subscriptions (and all include our Free AV Legal Assist service which offers a 24-hour legal advice line, help with legal documents including letters of demand, and lawyers who can refer specialists for serious cases).

COLONY Live is a software as a service messaging platform created and engineered by a small team of developers and interaction specialists based in South Africa. The platform was conceptualised in mid 2015 and through partnerships with local radio stations soon became the go-to-tool for audience assisted broadcast and analytics. Since the release to market in the fourth quarter of 2016 the uptake of COLONY Live has been phenomenal with 85% of South Africa’s commercially owned radio stations currently on the platform. 2017 COLONY Live opened its office in the USA with two networks already on board and many more to follow.

COLONY provides an end-to-end campaign service.When you work with COLONY we tailor a plan of action that is unique to your business. Our portfolio of mix-and-match services allows for creative mechanics to generate results from your digital, mobile and social media marketing investments. Your campaign can be monitored in realtime throughout, can provide quantified results on closure and provide you with a segmented database to use as the starting point for your next campaign. You’ll work directly with an expert committed to putting your brand first. Think of COLONY as an integrated extension to your team, complementing the skill sets you have and stopping the gap of those that you don’t.

Eighty20 is a consultancy based in Cape Town South Africa specialising in delivering customer centric strategies and solutions to our clients. We use the power of strategy, research and analytics to help our clients understand their customers better and implement customer centric solutions that drive value to both customers and shareholders.

The online Fetch Them tool has technology which enhances the effortlessness of sales team’s current cold outreach by extracting email and social media accounts, providing context through a relevant talking point and delivering a strong degree of insight prior to contacting the prospect. This ability to bypass the gatekeeper, build rapport and connect significantly increases the potential to close a sales lead.

The GameZBoost white label games platform has been and is used by some of the top international publishers, including: RTL Group, Network 18, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Independent Newspapers, Media24, Burger King New Zealand, to name but a few.

GameZBoost offers various solutions and opportunities that allow game studios to tap into an instant audience by integrating with our platform API`s, thus increasing the global reach and driving usage for their game titles.

Leveraging off third party technology and processing capabilities, Game On! has created a unique technology solution that enables common interest communities to develop their own loyalty programs. This first of its kind approach is being rolled out initially with schools and will be followed by sporting codes and other common interest communities.

GoMetro Pro utilises a mobile app for the in-field data collection of public transport operations. We have used this app quite extensively to drive various projects in connection with the minibus taxi industry and to help them determine their transport business value. Our mobile application allows field collectors to quickly and easily collect the following data: trips, duration, distance, stops, passenger counts, basic passenger demographics and revenue.

KaChing is a cashless, ticketless, user-friendly parking app which uses license plate recognition to open a boom when a user arrives at a parking lot. Payment is linked to the user’s credit card or pre-paid account upon exiting. This unique technology has been patented and a full patent was granted in December 2015. KaChing patented both the system and the method utilised in its operation. KaChing makes parking hassle-free and cost-effective.

The Loyalty Box, with its main focus on small to medium enterprises (SME’s), has technology that allows retailers and franchisors anywhere in the world to establish their own loyalty programs remotely in under sixty minutes. The Loyalty Box’s technology is integrated into major point of sale systems and eCommerce platforms, but can also be used independently since it is web based. The Loyalty Box has a data and analytics engine, My Insights, which is also proprietary analytics technology that provides SME’s with rich and insightful data about their customers and their business.

Tho Prox1mitylD platform seamlessly automates individual identification though Beacon technology while providing rich and highly precise data insights to retail partners. Proxim1tylD combines consumer’s personal details, all of their loyalty cards, access cards and even their parking tickets, consolidating them into the ProximitylD App, and instantaneously relaying the necessary information back to retailers and other partners geospatially. Utilising BT4LE technology, Proxim1tylD is moreover able to accurately determine a consumers presence at the point of sale and transmit the required encrypted credentials across. 

SpatialEdge’s proprietary suite of technologies seamlessly integrate business intelligence, location intelligence and big data. These technologies further combine with extensive proprietary location and consumer data to create an integrated decision support solution.


We work with you to provide solutions for every step of your company’s data journey – from raw data ingestion to intelligent decision-making 

Stellr are providers of pre-paid cards for many different categories such as:Entertainment & Gaming, Software, Health & Beauty and Food & TravelUsing our international network of retail, digital and corporate partners, we connect leading brands with eager consumers in several dynamic growth markets, including India, South Africa, and Israel. Stellr is primarily a load and activation network for closed and open loop vouchers, facilitating the sale of global and local digital content. Stellr uses proprietary software and integrates into retailer point of sale systems and eCommerce platforms to process prepaid vouchers. 

Thesl developed its own proprietary procurement system called TenderSystem, which is currently in its 4th generation, and has been refined over the last 14 years. It is developed on a robust integration layer allowing customisation at each client and is currently integrated into a multitude of insurers, payment processors, merchants and couriers to automate the complete end-to-end claims quantification and settlement process. Spend is directed to merchants via filtering technology to an insurer approved network of merchants and service providers. Included is also a full panel management module, comprehensive reporting and analytics, contract management and messaging.