Tritech Media’s corporate precise communications platforms enables advertisers and marketers to scientifically target their campaigns ensuring optimal return on investment. Tritech Media’s consumer digital content offerings enable consumers to customise content from any digital device based on their personal preferences. 


Through an ever-increasing network of now over 2000 leading retail stores as well as a myriad of eCommerce channels, Tritech Media is the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading digital content brands spanning entertainment, computer software, anti-virus, gaming and ride share brands in prepaid formats.  

Only 5% of South Africa’s population has access to credit cards and our offering allows consumers who do not have access to credit cards to access these online content brands. As with other payment methods, prepaid access to digital content enables consumers to choose from the worlds leading digital brands, what they want, when they want and from whichever digital device they choose from.



The media world is in a state of constant flux and changing rapidly and dynamically. Traditional media is not able to provide advertisers and marketers with a proper assessment as to whether their choice of media is working. 

The significant enhancements in technology supported by ever increasing digital delivery platforms has now created the environment where advertisers and marketers are able to pinpoint their advertising messages, achieving optimal return on investment, in addition to having response mechanisms to enable proper consumer engagement. 

Tritech Media initially preempted these seismic changes in the media industry by positioning itself as South Africa’s only turnkey corporate loyalty solutions provider as it is a known fact in marketing that it costs 80% less to retain a customer than secure one through traditional media.

Following on this theme, Tritech Media has expanded its portfolio of precise communications platforms which now incorporates the first of its kind real time location based advertising in shopping malls and other retail based environments and novel lead generation technology. 

Tritech Media intends to aggressively expand its portfolio of precise based communication platforms to become South Africa’s number one destination for advertisers and marketers to achieve maximum return on investment for their advertising spend.