Precision in corporate communications; precision in delivering the best consumer digital content
Exclusive South African distributor of the world’s leading digital content brands
The best user experience is assured by distributing leading digital brands on a customised basis enabled by customer-centric technology
Tritech Media pioneered the use of customised consumer digital content to enhance reward categories in corporate loyalty programs.

Consumer Digital Content

The most successful consumer digital content businesses are those that deliver leading digital brands on a customised basis to the content user.

Tritech Media has a unique approach to customised consumer digital content:

  • Through technology consumers can customise content by selecting what digital content they want, when they want it and with which digital device; and
  • By defining a new content genre in the form of discounted and value added products and services which consumers can select based on their personal preferences.

Our Capabilities

Amazing Vouchers has developed a voucher and coupon membership portal coupled with geo-location technology and a content database that can deliver freebies, vouchers and a host of other value offerings via multiple digital channels, such as smartphones and tablets.

Opengate distributes and processes prepaid vouchers issued by leading global and local brands through a large national network of premium retail, digital and corporate partners. The retail network consists of 1 500 high traffic stores with over 11 000 points of presence, increasing to approximately 4 000 retails stores and forecourts in the next 12 months. The current digital network has a combined base of 12 million customers and its retail footprint has reach in excess of 18 million consumers. The use of prepaid vouchers in gifting, self-consumption and in corporate and staff loyalty is one of the fastest growing categories globally- Opengate is taking the lead in this space in the South African market