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Provider of a proprietary commerce platform that enables businesses to automate content distribution and transaction processing across multiple channels.Convenient commerce platform has evolved to support mobile, vending, online and other channels.

Quick and low-risk route to automating customer transactions.

Provides clients with access to an off-the-shelf, hosted, white-label platform with certified card, cash and a mobile wallet payment.

Increase in transaction volumes, reduction in operating costs and enhanced customer loyalty are the primary benefits to clients.


R3 billion

in secure payments successfully processed in more than

6 million


regional and national partners

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South Africa’s only membership program that offers freebies, discounts and value-adds.Geo-location technology and a content database enables personalised offers.Amazing Rewards offers customised corporate and staff loyalty campaign modules to businesses.


10 000

regional and national partners

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South Africa’s only digital content prepaid load network.Exclusive South African distributor of the world’s leading digital content brands.Extensive network of premium retail and eCommerce and partners.Business-to-business portal allows organisations to bulk purchase and distribute digital content in loyalty programs.

Reach of

12 million

digital customers

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Leading South African analytics consultancy.Applies actuarial modelling skills to develop business cases for loyalty programs.Creates bespoke big data solutions to track and report on customer behaviour.Strategic research.

Top 10 clients combined revenue is over

R341 billion

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Staff and sales incentive loyalty programs that change behaviour and improves performance.Programs keep participants highly motivated and results orientated.Low cost programs can be delivered on a turnkey basis.

100 to 35 000

individuals per campaign

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COLONY provides an end-to-end campaign service.
When you work with COLONY we tailor a plan of action that is unique to your business. Our portfolio of mix-and-match services allows for creative mechanics to generate results from your digital, mobile and social media marketing investments. Your campaign can be monitored in real-time throughout, can provide quantified results on closure and provide you with a segmented database to use as the starting point for your next campaign. You’ll work directly with an expert committed to putting your brand first. Think of COLONY as an integrated extension to your team, complementing the skill sets you have and stopping the gap of those that you don’t.Visit our website
COLONYLive is an audience engagement engine allowing audience assisted broadcasting through SMS, e-mail, instant messaging and social media. The platform assists broadcasters to engage with their audience and aggregate user-generated content for news, traffic, competitions, polls, dedications, opinion pieces etc using images, text, video and audio. In addition, COLONYLive actively mines each interaction for demographic, psychographic, sentiment & interest information. Using interactions from multiple sources as well as information garnered from public access databases and social media site, COLONYLive starts building a comprehensive profile of each audience member interacting with your organization. Finally COLONYLive creates personas by grouping users who fit a particular set of predefined profile characteristics into a subsample of the main audience. Through a process called MIMA we then match a persona’s user profiles to their online presence allowing for the placement of highly relevant, focused advertising into their everyday online browsing, leading to much higher conversion.Visit our website
Exclusive license to leading global loyalty management system OneEmpower.OneEmpower is suitable for high transaction, large corporate environments.Strategic partnership with leading global cards and payment solutions provider ABnote.Provides secure payment products such as EMV chip cards and contactless payments

30 million

loyalty, gift and bank cards distributed annually

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Unique technology ecosystem that provides loyalty programs to common interest communities.Initial focus is on the school sector and then sports codes.Multiple beneficiaries includes students, parents and schools.

23 000

schools in South Africa

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Leading loyalty management system for small to medium size businesses.Integrates into an existing point-of-sale and eCommerce environment.

Reach of over

600 000

online and retail stores

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theslThesl, previously called ValueCard, is the leading personal line claim settlement service provider allowing insurers to source and settle claims as efficiently as possible while enhancing client service.This is achieved through world-first proprietary technology that has been refined during the last 14 years to quantify and settle claims. This has now been combined with Stellr’s insurance interests being Claims Card and the Business Portal which is in development.

Settlement takes place either via direct buying order, Claims Card or virtual vouchers at physical or online stores. Fifteen of the largest insurers settle their personal line claims through Thesl.

Insurers pay over


in claims annually of which approximately


are household claims

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Provides an app for public transport passenger information and mobile ticketing aimed initially at South Africa’s 19 million daily public transport users, with the potential to expand into international markets.Mobile ticketing technology allows any city or transport company to design, launch and manage millions of ticket purchases for rail, bus and minibus taxis on the GoMetro app or USSD service.Recognised in 2014 by the Global Mobile Forum in San Francisco as the Best Innovation in a Growth Market and is the Official National mobile application for PRASA.

20 million

South Africans use public transport everyday – moving people sustainably is a

R10 billion

industry opportunity.

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businessThe Business Development Unit develops market entry and other strategies for new and existing customer loyalty programs driven by the client’s budget, availability of data and program complexity. It also offers both pre and post-launch support services to loyalty programs i.e. project management, detailed program scoping, program partner sourcing, loyalty management system implementation, program value proposition development services.In addition to servicing the needs of clients, the Business Development Unit facilitates the cross-selling of Tritech Media companies products and services within the context of loyalty programs design, implementation and ongoing execution.


loyalty programs in SA in 1990;


in 2015

tuyuThe first bespoke mobile rewards platform in South Africa for primarily staff loyalty programs.The Tuyu rewards platform can also be used for customer loyalty programs.The TuYu platform alleviates all logistical, safety and resource intensive issues associated with traditional rewards programs.Instant, customizable and affordable rewards programs.

Transacting in over

50 000

till lanes in South Africa

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GameZBoost provides a white label gaming platform.Enables clients to launch a gaming website based on their specific requirements targeted at their intended audience.Accessible from traditional web browsers and mobile web browsers, including smartphones and tablets.Provides websites with a full featured, customisable and scalable gaming solution with proven content and features.Drives user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

Clients in 19 countries, targeting an industry estimated to be worth


by 2018, with 39% coming from mobile.

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Ability to deliver pre-qualified business leads direct to an outbound sales team every month.Online tool halves the prospecting time by providing pertinent details on sales prospects which drives marketing efficiencies.Precision immersion process immerses sales prospects in a brand leading to increased awareness and conversions.CRM system integration links effortlessly into existing business processes.

FetchThem enhances the efficiency of a sales team’s cold outreach by


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Assists property owners, retailers and brands in understanding customer behaviour by providing analytical insight of customer’s physical movement around venues and their online behaviour.Proximity triggered marketing campaigns which enhances customer in-store experience.Provides a mobile engagement platform for targeted, real time, location based content to be delivered to a customer.The predictive modelling tools use machine learning and can respond to dynamic queries in real-time, filtering only relevant information for clients.

The explosive growth of mobile and local based marketing is rapidly becoming BIG business globally- an estimated


of mobile advertising is location based and predicted to rise to over

$18B in 2018

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Supplies intelligent and highly profiled consumer data for the purposes of customer acquisition through relevant and effective direct marketing communications.
Fully managed services include data cleansing, data enrichment, data profiling, data modelling and targeted lead generation.
Effective lead generation promises the lowest cost per acquisition with the highest conversion rates.

Owns and manages an extensive consumer database of over

22 million

marketable records.

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kachingMakes use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) software to allow users to park without the use of a ticket.The app in conjunction with the LPR and cameras at the booms will automatically deduct the parking fee from the users account.

Aims to simplify our users parking needs by eliminating the need for a parking ticket and creating a hassle free experience.

Plans to deliver customized advertising and vouchers to its users and eventually make parking cost effective or free for its users.

KaChing has launched on a commercial pilot bases in May 2015. Since inception KaChing has facilitated

over 85000

parking transactions across five malls in South Africa

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ProximityIDs’ unique and innovative technology, seamlessly automates individual identification by digitally linking consumers to the physi.cal world on a highly precise microcosmic level. We liberate consumers from having to present any form of external identification,while giving our retail partner the ability to give unparalleled and creative customer service.ProximityID conveniently simplifies all consumers’ interactions. The only item required by the consumer is their mobile phone with the ProximityID app (available on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store).Utilizing Beacons, Bluetooth and other technologies, ProximityID creates its own digital real estate, connecting Beacons to users and users to retailers thus creating a powerful ecosystem that provides measurable and tangible value to both retailers and consumers.The focus of ProximityID is to bridge the gap between consumer and retailer in a most highly precise and unparalleled manner, turning every customer into a VIP and thereby redefining the customers experience.Visit our website

77% of consumers said that a personalized message and exclusive offers have a “very positive” impact on their Brand Loyalty.
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Help clients to understand their customers and market potential better than anyone else.Helping organisations conceptualise and implement data-driven strategies, SpatialEdge (SE) decision support systems direct business practices, content, marketing, new product development and operations with improved efficiency and profitability.

Intelligent spatial insights allow organisations to operate at a much higher level of precision than traditionally possible.

Retailers who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60%
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